Which Colors Of Hoodies Are Most Popular?

Which Colors Of Hoodies Are Most Popular?

A hoodie is a piece of garment that comes with a hood, fitted waistband, and cuffs. Hoodies are mainly designed to keep you warm in extremely cold weather. You can also utilize the hood feature of this sweatshirt to protect yourself from the rain. The hoodie's pockets can be used for keeping small items or protecting hands from cold.

Previously, hoodies were only used for casual wear, particularly for their cozy nature. Nowadays, people are wearing hoodies for both casual and formal use. Several innovative and chic styles have been discovered for wearing a hoodie to achieve a fashionable look.

One of the most favorable features of a hoodie is its availability in many colors. On the market, you can get hoodies in different color shades, from bright to dull. In this article, we have discussed the most popular and widely used hoodie colors. Let's explore the specifications of the different colors of the hoodie.


Well, it will not be wrong to say that black color is the favorite color of almost every second person on the planet. Any kind of black colored dress can give a wearer an elegant and graceful look.

It has been observed that a black-colored hoodie is the most common hoodie all over the world. A black hoodie can go well with any type of jeans and trousers. It is highly versatile.

Besides giving a lovely look, another benefit of a black hoodie is its ability to hide stains and dust inside without affecting your personality.

You can wear a black hoodie with a jacket to achieve a formal look. For chilling with your friend, your go-to dress must be a black hoodie, classic jeans, and suitable sneakers. A black hoodie also looks well with a denim jacket.


After black, if any color looks sophisticated, then that is grey. Grey color is known for its calm vibes. Grey hoodies are the top-selling hoodies all over the world.

Grey hoodies are even more versatile than black ones. You can wear a grey hoodie with any dress without worrying about looking odd.

You can style a grey hoodie with any type of jeans, jacket, bomber, etc. Grey hoodies can be used as both formal and casual wear. Most people wear blue jeans with a grey hoodie as a simple dress.

Navy Blue

Navy blue hoodies are known for their elegance. It will not be an exaggeration to say that navy blue color has become a new black. Its demand is the same as the black color.

You can pair a navy blue hoodie with multiple colored jeans or jackets. You can wear it at any event, either a formal or informal one.

Mint Green:

The mint green hoodie is mainly used for styling purposes, particularly in the summer and spring seasons. This color is very bright and energetic. It suits well on the females.

The Mint green hoodie goes well with black and white jeans. You can wear it with strong colors to create your summer outfit.

Choosing The Suitable Colored Hoodie According To Skin Tone:

You should select a hoodie color that matches your skin tone. We have made a list of hoodie colors that can be suitable for dark skin and light skin tones.

Hoodie Colors For Dark Skin:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • White
  • Pastel pink, blue, green

Hoodie Colors For Light Skin

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Dark green
  • Violet
  • Indigo


It is necessary for someone to select a color hoodie that can go well with his skin tone to achieve a sophisticated and lovely look. If you don't know what color to choose, pick a black hoodie; it is suitable for every skin tone.