Some Reasons Why You Should Buy Caliburn Koko Prime

Some Reasons Why You Should Buy Caliburn Koko Prime

The caliburn koko prime is a super cool vape pod with amazing features that make it an outstanding product. If you’re looking for a thrilling vaping experience, then you should consider buying Caliburn Koko Prime.

In this article, we will see about Caliburn Koko Prime and the reasons why you should buy Caliburn Koko Prime.

Reasons You Should Buy The Product

Now let us look into the reasons why you should buy Caliburn Koko Prime. This list of reasons includes an aluminum body, easily replaceable decorative magnetic panel, excellent airflow system, refillable pod, replaceable coil, 3-color LEDs, and lastly high-level safety system.

1. Aluminum Body

The body of the Caliburn Koko Prime is made of aluminum. This elevates both the body as well as the overall design of the vape pod.

2. Easily Replaceable Decorative Magnetic Panel

You can create your version of KOKO Prime as it allows for customization. This allows the person using these pods to decorate the panels of the vape pod’s panels on both sides as they are magnetically installed which means that they can be easily replaced.

3. Excellent Airflow System

If both the pod’s air inlet and the device’s air inlet are close to each other, the airflow can be deemed suitable for a direct-to-lung vape. On the other hand, if the pod’s air inlet and the device’s air inlet are far away from one another, then it is suitable for a mouth-to-lung vape.

This two ways airway design system, allows an individual to get two different vaping experiences. This is possible when the pod is installed in two different directions.

4. Refillable Pod

With just a few steps you can easily refill your Caliburn Koko Prime pod. You can fill the pod u to 2ml. You can easily remove the drip tip and then proceed to refill the pod. E-liquid leakage is avoided with the help of the silicone check valve in the filler hole and this, in turn, reduces the mess.

5. Replaceable Coil

One of the best features is how the Coil is replaceable. It is also compatible with Caliburn G. The coil utilizes the e-liquid to the fullest in an even manner and as a result, it lasts for a longer period. UWELL`s exclusive patented Pro-FOCS flavor highlights its unique adjustment technology.

KOKOPRIME is guaranteed to provide you with spectacular vaping experiences. Keep in mind to check if the coil aligns with the pod’s locating slot before installing.

6. 3-color LEDs

The working condition and other information and known with the help of the LED as it acts as an indicator. Its working condition is reflected with the help of the three color LEDs such as green, blue, and red. If the LED color is green then that means the battery level is high (over 60%), if the LED color is blue then that means the battery level is medium (within30%-60%), and if the LED color is red then that means the battery level is low (below 30%).

7. High-level Safety System

Caliburn Koko Prime’s high-level safety system makes it a desirable product because it is equally important to ensure safety when it comes to vaping.


You can get your very own Caliburn Koko Prime from UWELL directly. This Koko Prime comes with a Fashionable Lanyard that allows users to have a free experience where they needn’t hold the vape pods in their hands rather they can free their hands. Adding to this, it also goes well with any kind of outfit.