Portable Inverter Generator: When Energy Efficiency Matters

Portable Inverter Generator: When Energy Efficiency Matters

With so many electrical portable inverter generators on the market, deciding which to buy can be difficult. You may have heard about its excellent overall performance, but this electrical device also performs well in terms of fuel efficiency. And this is one of the main reasons why people who want to save energy choose to purchase. However how efficient can this generator be? To that end, the question 'how efficient is a portable inverter generator?' is thoroughly addressed in this article.

The inverter generator and fuel efficiency

The inverter generator is, by and large, more fuel efficient than the traditional generator. Thanks to its speed adjustment mechanism, the electrical device can modify its engine depending on the power it receives. This means it can economically handle the combined energy dissipated by your AC powered devices like refrigerator, air conditioner, among others.

More importantly, the portable inverter generator is designed in such a way that currents accumulate over time - a recipe for long-term load balancing. This means that when you turn on your refrigerator for the first time, the current generated will be lower and will gradually increase depending on which electrical device(s) is added next. This current reservation saves a lot of energy, in addition to its efficient power supply, which is accompanied by very little noise pollution.

How important is the portable inverter generator output?

When shopping for a portable inverter generator, the first thing to consider is the output. This determines the total wattage that the device can tolerate from your energy-consuming AC devices, as well as the overall sizing.

Typically, inverter generators have low output (the maximum outage being 7,000 watts which is quite small). In this vain, the traditional portable generator has an advantage as it produces nothing less than 17,000 watts which is an ideal choice for individuals with large energy needs.

Nonetheless, there is no one-size-fits-all guide for selecting a portable inverter generator with a specific output. However, the best option is to determine your total energy consumption from your home's devices and choose the one that can meet these requirements.

How to choose the right portable inverter generator

The size is an important consideration when purchasing a portable Inverter Generator. These energy-efficient electrical devices are available in a variety of sizes and typically weigh less than 40 pounds.

As a result, the device is mobile, and users can move around freely and almost stress-free with it. For the same reason, those who enjoy recreational activities are the largest beneficiaries of inverter generators.

Furthermore, the size is determined by the power ratings (output) of the portable inverter generator; the larger the size, the greater the output power.


The portable inverter generator has positioned itself among the elites in the portable generator arena due to its energy efficiency. These generators have high performance and output, which are important specifications in terms of power production. Its portability enables it to be moved about, particularly for recreational activities. The portable inverter is an excellent purchase, particularly for home use.