How often should you visit your cat’s house?

How often should you visit your cat’s house?

Cats may not allow you to visit their house. The reason is that they don’t live in there. Rather, they like to live with owners. However, if you have trained the cat well enough, it will surely like your presence in its house. But before that, you must ensure that you will feed them well. Moreover, provide them with litter boxes in order for them to pee there. You can’t just make a house or buy one for the cat and ask it to live there.

Cats want proper attention from their owners. That’s not the case with stray cats. The reason is that stray cats may not visit you quite often because they like to live freely. They will just come to you when they need food. They won’t even pee inside your house because they know it’s not theirs. But a pet cat would look for you all the time. It will search for you everywhere if you are not in front of it.

You can even take it in your lap and read a book. Some cats are naughty and may tear your book apart. But that’s not the case with all of them. So, make sure that you visit your cat’s house quite often in order for it to stay calm.

Do Cats want their house inside or outside?

Cats only want to go outside when they want to mate with the opposite gender. Otherwise, they will stay in the house even if there is an issue. But when they feel the need for mating, they will look for partners. And if they don’t find a suitable partner, they start to cry or pee at uncertain places. At such a moment, even litter box may not help. Also, as an owner, if you provide the cat with a partner, it won’t become friends with it. Rather, it will take some time. It will also not allow the partner to enter its house. The best thing to do under such circumstances is to leave both in a room. This will allow them to get to know each other.

Where can you find the best cat house for your pet?

Cat houses are available in different areas. You may visit a market to buy one. There are so many online sites also that sell these houses. But the best thing is to make one by yourself. It won’t take much of your time. Just take a plastic tub, cut it according to the size of your cat and use it. The best part is that cats don’t know whether it is a good house or not. They just look for their own comfort and if they get it, they start living in it.

You may also use plywood to make a cat house. If you own a dog, that may cause problems for you. The reason is that a dog wants more space than a cat and is more scary also. But a cat can adjust even in a packaging box which is why it is easy to make a cat house.