Features of Luxe Portable Pod Systems

Features of Luxe Portable Pod Systems

Like all other things, smoking is also modernized, and people have shifted to electronic cigarettes. Nobody wants to carry a lighter and a pack of cigarettes in their pockets and then make all the effort to light it up every time they crave a dose of nicotine. To avoid all this hassle, people have upgraded to portable pod systems that are compact and much easier to carry and smoke.

Among so many vape brands, finding something that gives value for money, is packed with advanced features, and is stylish is challenging. Luxe X, an innovative pod maker brand, provides all these features to their customers. Read the article to learn more about these portable pod systems!

Futuristic style

The youth want something that makes them stand out from the crowd. They want something everybody wants, but only they get to have it. That's why luxe gives their customers a futuristic design that is aesthetically pleasing and a sight for sore eyes. It features a transparent body and tank that clearly shows the e-liquid, adding to its simplicity. Furthermore, the placement of LED lights and the fire button is kept minimalistic to avoid crowding. In between the plastic cover, the upper portion of the body is kept metallic to ensure sturdiness.

Use of advanced technology

The design is not everything because the functionality is just as necessary. This era demands products like vape pods to feature the most advanced technology because it has to compete with hundreds of tough competitors. And this Luxe X keeps this in mind while assembling the portable pod systems. So, to shine among many other brands and give their customers a high-tech vaping device, front-line technology is used in all the models.

Improved vaporization efficiency

To take their E-cigs to the next level, Luxe X uses Corex heat technology which gives many benefits to the user and improves the quality of your vaping experience. This innovative heating tech is combined with a unique micro-fiber cumulus cotton along with a special morph-mesh structure used to get the vape to heat swiftly and consistently. The result of all this is increased vaporization efficiency as well as the lifespan of the pod system by 50%. It also makes the flavor last much longer than any other e-cigarette.

Long-lasting battery and Satisfying tank capacity

Battery timings are just as crucial as tank capacity but the good news? Luxe X manufactured pod systems give you both. It accommodates a high-density 1500mAh battery along with a smart-control Axon chip. This combined technology recognizes pod resistance and gives you an unreal DTL vaping experience with a 40-watt output. Furthermore, the spacious tank holds a liquid carrying capacity of approximately 5ml.

Alternative modes

Some vapers enjoy small smoke clouds, while others prefer to use bid cloud mode while using a pod system. The good thing about this pod is that it gives both options to the user to increase their comfort level. You can just adjust the airflow to lose or tight and get the mode you desire.

Bottom line

If you're looking for a vaping portable pod system that is slim, smart, and stylish, look no further than Luxe X pod systems. They are incredibly durable because they are made up of high-quality abrasion-free and resistant material. It also includes an auto-lock system if not used for 8 seconds, as well as a secure mode that prevents accidental misfires. It indeed is a device from the future.