Difference between HD and transparent lace wig

Difference between HD and transparent lace wig

Most women in the hair community would have seen the rotating question, “what is the difference between an HD and a transparent lace wig?” So what is the difference that distinguishes these two wigs from each other? If you are going to buy a wig then it is really important to know the difference in the lace of your wig. Most of the laces look similar and if you do not have so much knowledge of wigs then you might get confused Between these two. In this guide, you will get to know about the characteristics of these two wigs and the answer to the question, “what is the main difference between them?”

What is an HD lace?

The word HD lace is named because of the high quality and non-detectable nature of this lace. HD means high definition and the wig is named HD lace wig which gives you a realistic look. This lace is known as swiss lace too. It is made from royal and premium quality material. When you wear an HD lace wig, your scalp will give a natural feeling and it will look invisible. It makes sure that a wig wearer can enjoy the perks of a wig having an exposed hairline.

What is a transparent lace wig?

This lace is similar to an HD lace wig as it is transparent but it is just a regular wig. It comes in 4 regular colors. Colors are light brown, medium brown, transparent, and dark brown. You can match your skin tone by selecting the color that fits best for you.

Differences between HD and transparent lace

As from above, you have known that HD lace is the new name for well-known swiss lace. An HD lace is thinner as compared to transparent lace. You can see through an HD lace while transparent lace is just a regular lace featuring transparent color. If you have a light skin tone you can go for the option of a transparent lace wig. A transparent lace wig can melt into any kind of skin. But for that, you have to bleach the hair knots. Also, you have to attach the wig with glue on your scalp. Contrary to the transparent wig, an HD lace wig doesn’t require glue and the bleaching of lace can also be avoided in the case of HD lace.

The durability of HD lace

If we compare these two wigs HD lace is thinner. Moreover, it is softer and more durable. It has one of the most delicate bases which helps in invisibility if you have planned to use it in front. As it is thin you have to use it carefully. If you take good care of this wig it will last long. Pulling, tugging, and continuously brushing can damage this wig. Before washing the HD lace wig make sure that the glue residues are removed or not. A wide tooth comb is best for use with this wig. Lastly, you can apply hair conditioner but don’t ever apply conditioner to the roots of the wig, it can damage the wig.