Choose your eyeglasses according to the shape of your face

Choose your eyeglasses according to the shape of your face

When buying new glasses you should take into account the quality and also that the lenses are adapted to the visual disease you have. Whether you buy women's glasses or cheap mens glasses, you should pay attention to the shape of your face so that you choose glasses that aesthetically look good on you.

In optical stores there is always a variety of frames, of different materials and shapes, and it is no coincidence. Today the optical industry, in addition to offering medical solutions for eye problems, has also taken care to turn your prescription glasses into another accessory that you feel comfortable wearing and look good in.

The fact that you wear prescription glasses no longer means that you must look bad or older, on the contrary, there are many brands that work on creating glasses with different styles that you can even combine with your clothes or the rest of the accessories.

However, considering that these glasses are an accessory that you will use every day and all the time, you should make sure to choose a frame that really goes with the shape of your face. Not all glasses fit everyone, so here are some ideas on how to choose your glasses frames according to your face shape.

Identify your face shape

This is the first step in choosing the frame for your glasses. Once you have identified what type of face shape you have, it will be much easier.

There are optical stores that even have an infographic of various conventional face shapes where you will surely find an image that identifies you. Whether your face is round, oval or rectangular, there are several recommendations.

There is no one face shape better than another, we are simply all different and based on those differences, you can make a decision to choose the frame that best fits you.

Round faces

If you have identified that your face has a round shape, the best thing to do is to create a contrast between your face and your glasses. For this reason, it is best to wear glasses with rectangular or slightly square frames.

People with round faces should in fact avoid glasses with round frames, in order to balance and create a contrasting effect with your face.

Square faces

Having a square face means that your jaw is quite marked and probably also your cheekbones. If this is the case, you will want to smooth the angles of your face with softer frames.

The ideal glasses for a square face are oval or round. These types of frames will soften the effect of your jaw, making your face look more balanced.

Oval faces

An oval face is one of the easiest to choose frames for, as almost any type of frame goes well with this shape. However, if you want to highlight your best features, it is best to choose frames that are not too small or too big.

A good option for an oval face are cat eye glasses or glasses with slightly rounded edges.

Face size play a role

Nowadays there is a trend to wear big and wide glasses, however, it is important that you take into account the size of your face in relation to the size of the glasses.

Even if you have decided on a frame that you really like, it may not be the ideal size. Avoid wearing very large glasses if your face is small, the idea is not that your face is lost behind the glasses.

If what you are looking for is highlighting and contrast, if you have dark hair and skin, you will favor glasses with a bright and vivid colored frame. On the other hand, blondes, or people with very fair skin, may be better off with darker or more sober colors.


As you have seen, choosing the right glasses frames is not as easy as it seems. You must consider many factors such as your face shape and even your skin color or hair color. You should also take into account the size of your face in relation to the size of the glasses. If you have a small face, avoid wearing very large glasses. Finally, keep in mind that you will be wearing your glasses every day, so choose a frame that you feel comfortable with and that you like. Don't worry if they are not the latest fashion, the most important thing is that you feel good about yourself.