Amazing Applications of Pogo Pins

Amazing Applications of Pogo Pins

If you are an electrical engineering student or have general know-how of how circuit boards work, you would know the importance of pogo pins. As much as their name sounds like kids’ toy balls, these little things carry significant importance in the electrical world and are categorized under the name of the most reliable and versatile use components. To know what exactly pogo pins are, their types, and their unique applications, stay connected with us through this blog post. But before scrolling down, click here to check the variety of pogo pins you might need.

What are Pogo Pins?

Pogo pins, also known as connector pins, are nothing but metallic cylinders with shreds on their outer surface and a spring inside. Their material can vary from brass and copper to stainless steel. Due to their variety of sizes and shapes, these small connector pins are used in almost all types of electronic devices. From as small as your mobile phone to as large as a satellite, pogo pins are used everywhere. The reason why pogo pins are making it huge in the manufacturing industry is that their build is more reliable than other types of connectors. Also, there are easier to assemble and work with.

Essentially, pogo pins are available in six different types which are as follows:

  • Though hole (DIP) type
  • Right angle type
  • Double head type
  • Solder cup type
  • Screw thread type

Applications of Pogo Pins

If we say Pogo pins are the unsung heroes of the modern electrical world, it won’t be any wrong. If you know how these pins are used, you will begin to locate them in all places around you. Be it your personal computer or your car’s keys. Here are some of the most common applications of pogo pins:

Entertainment Industry:

Flexible pogo pins are used in several consumer electronics such as audio gear, game consoles, smartphones, and mixers. Thanks to their rugged design and small size, pogo pins are the favorite method of connecting electronic components in the entertainment industry.

Retail Industry:

With the crewless vending trend taking over the retail industry, the demand for pogo pins to be used in complex vending machines, POS systems, barcode scanners, card readers, and smart price tags has increased.

Medical Industry:

Pogo pins are of great application in the most in-demand medical devices like skin laser devices, diagnostic equipment, inhalation machines, and nebulizers. Moreover, pogo pins are used to create a reliable connection between other medical devices due to their unique connecting properties.


Pogo pins are used in central security control panels, security surveillance devices, IP cameras, motion detectors, metal detector doors, and other security devices.

These pogo pins' reliability, durability, and conductivity make them one of the most recommended connection methodologies today.


One of the most uncomplicated innovations, pogo pins make it to the list of the most used components in the electrical world. Essentially connecting two circuits by pressing them against one another and making secure connections in between, pogo pins are used and relied upon in various industries.